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Video Content Analytics Smart Detection

If you think that DVR-based security systems mean having to sit through hours and hours of video to search for a few minutes of evidence, think again! G&A Surveillance Nigeria’s Smart Search function prevents your organization from having to waste time or spreading your staff too thin just to look for a certain section. G&A Surveillance Nigeria’s Smart Search function helps you shorten investigation time with three special features: unique size filtering, advanced motion search, and missing and left object search.

Other than conventional DVR functions, G&A Surveillance Nigeria offers more powerful and intelligent features in video content analytics, such as smart search and object detection. G&A Surveillance Nigeria provides several different client programs, which includes the following: Remote Viewer, PDA, and Phones, which allows you to control, monitor and record surveillance video from a remote computer or with your handheld devices, like iPhone, Blackberry, Droid, and IPad.

G&A Surveillance Nigeria – Vision 4000

Vision-Based Intelligent Video Surveillance

Video Input 4~32 analog cameras (NTSC/PAL), selected IP cameras (including megapixel cameras), or hybrid combination (of analog and IP cameras)
Audio Input 1, 4, 8
Screen Display Full Screen, 1, 4, 6, 7, 9, 10, 13, 16 Split-Screen Display, Loop Display
Resolution 320×240, 640×240, 640×480 (de-interlace), full D1 (NTSC: 720×480, PAL: 720×576)
Display/Recording  Rate (Per Camera) 30 fps (NTSC); 25 fps (PAL)
Video Compression Format Motion-JPEC, HM (MPEG-4 Like)
Language English, French, Danish, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, etc.
Product Features
Recording & Viewing 1. Provide five recording modes: non-stop recording, non-stop smart recording, event recording, time-Lapse recording, and schedule recording

2. Adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, and hue for a clearer view

3. Support digital zoom in to view specific areas

4. Built-in Wide Dynamic Vision Pack provides visibility enhancement, sharpness adjustment, and noise reduction

Playback & Search 1. Playback 16 video records simultaneously

2. Search video records by camera, data, event types and time segments just in seconds

3. Intelligent Search includes advanced motion search, and missing & left object search

Detection 1. Easy to detect suspicious circumstances with motion detection (with object size filtering), sensor detection and manual detection

2. Missing & left object detection sends warnings when a suspicious object is left or missing from the camera view for a period of time

3. Virtual Fence Detection perceives intrusions when suspicious objects pass the pre-defined lines

4. Secure Zone Detection alarms when intrusions occur in the pre-defined lines

5. Secure Zone Detection alarms when intrusions occur in the pre-defined secure area

6. Flame Detection* notifies users while detecting flames

7. Flow Counting shows the number of objects passing a pre-defined line or area

Event Notification 1. Send event notifications by phone, email, fax, siren, flash and FTP event images

2. Manually trigger events in a full-screen display

3. Attach event snapshots with email notifications

4. Notify video loss

5. Automatically generate events reports emailed on a daily, weekly or monthly basis

PTZ Camera Control 1. Provide advanced PTZ camera control functions, such as iris control, pan/tilt speed adjustment, auto-loop/auto-pan, and PTZ control over a joysticks/keyboard

2. Direct PTZ Camera Control provides auto close-up on the region of interest to turn the region into a full-screen display automatically

3. I/O sensors can trigger the PTZ camera to present positions when events happen

4. PTZ camera automatically tracks a moving object with PTZ Camera Auto Tracking function

Remote Viewing & Control 1. Supports remote viewing via standard web browsers, PDA (WinCE) and mobile phones

2.  View webcam pages at the Dynamic IP server

3.  Support remote viewing, recording, playback, DVR setup, and video records retrieve

Central Management Solution (CMS) 1. Monitor up to 500 remote DVR sites

2.  Support dual screens and 64 video display

3.  Receive & manage events notifications from remote DVR site

4.  Generate event logs for archives & search

5. Remotely control PTZ camera or trigger I/O devices

6. Real-time, two-way voice communication b/w DVR servers and clients

Backup & Share 1. Backup video records manually or by schedule

2. Directly backup recording files to CD/DVD

3. Snapshot a video frame for printing or save a BMP or JPEG file with a digital watermark

4. Export video records to an AVI file or a self-executable file (exe). The self- executable file is embedded with digital authentication and password protection

Access Control &ility 1. Multiple levels of access control by cameras and by authorities

2. Centralized Access Control to simplify DVR operation in LAN

3. The SmartFile Management Technology avoids disk fragmentation and increases system stability

Others 1. Provide hardware watchdog for system recovery

2.  Support I/O devices up to 16 sensor inputs and 16 relay outputs

3. Provide E-map that lays out the locations of video cameras, sensor and alarm devices

4. Task Scheduling on a recording, event detection, and event notification

5. Auto Windows & DVR log-in


1. Means optional features in G&A Surveillance 4000

2. Dual VGA monitors are required for 32CH DVR display.

3. G&A Surveillance Nigeria is continuously in research and development and therefore reserves the right to alter specifications without prior notices.