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Superimpose Various Text Source

G&A Surveillance Nigerian DVR-POS captures, records and associates all kinds of text sources, including POS or ATM transaction data, with live surveillance video. It supports a maximum of 16 POS systems.

Quick Search & Preview

G&A Surveillance Nigerian DVR-POS enables users to search video records by date, time, camera and keyword in receipts. Users can click on a transaction line for time-linked video preview and fast forward video up to 64x to save time. Export and save the evidential video with relevant text as a self-executable file (a.k.a. “.exe” file). No extra video player is required.

Flexible Connections

G&A Surveillance Nigerian DVR-POS offers two connection types to increase flexibility. Users are free to choose to connect to POS systems via network (TCP/IP) or serial port connections.

Easy Integration for System Integrators

G&A Surveillance Nigeria DVR POS transaction data is stored in Microsoft Access format for easy integration to other applications. Parser SDK for POS devices is available for system integrators to develop a specific parser to convert various POS text formats.

Complete DVR Features

G&A Surveillance Nigeria DVR-POS provides a complete set of DVR features, such as advanced motion detection, real-time video/audio recording with evidential quality, PTZ camera control, and the integration of traditional security sensor devices. It also allows users to configure and view remote DVRs on web browser or any handheld devices, including PDA and SmartPhone. (For details of DVR features, please refer to G&A Surveillance Nigeria DVR 2400.)